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2019 is under way!

20 January 2019

So 2019 is underway and I have already a big year planned. Some artistic photographic shoots will appear from time to time on the Facebook page, one some may have seen: "Tattoo shoot" which I am aiming for showing in a year end exhibition. Of course those involved will see some of the images and can use for personal showing prior. I also have given my time to a local business to assist them in their developing their project. Fortunately this comes with a very secluded spot for which a lucky two models will be chosen to undertake a fashion photo shoot. Plenty of commercial work, for business, in fashion, events and Theatre. So to kick off here's a link to the Cyclones Gridiron team images, which was my first practice of the year and happy to say the fingers still work. Check out the gallery: Townsville Cyclones.

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