Behind the Scenes

17 August 2017

With every story I have always tried to paint a picture through words- inspiring strong images in the mind of the listener.

Well this is the first time those pictures have become real and the story told by another. Welcome to the behind the scenes video by Benjamin Van Houts of 2K.1 Odyssey Productions a passionate professional and absolute talent. I can't stop saying it, but "Thank you Ben".


Ben contributed to the inspiration and ambience on set and was truly great to work with. You know he's there with you every step of the way when he whispers sweet nothings into your ear - "I'm just behind you, don't step back!". This will give you a real sense of our photographic shoot, the people and the efforts that went into making our 80's shoot in 2017. I have really enjoyed this journey and it continues. The first batch of Images will be released next Tuesday and thereafter on a weekly basis until the editing processes are complete. Come back and visit us every tuesday for the updates.

To see more 2K.1 Odyssey Productions promo video go to vimeo https://vimeo.com/221394902.

Contact Ben on 0432 907 472 if you need a videographer. Weddings, events, conferences, music videos or anything else that needs that professional creative touch. Whatever the price it's worth it! Oh yeah - need a photographer contact me too.

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