Jesus Christ Superstar

28 July 2019

I have not written a blog for some time and there are a few reasons why. February/March saw the greatest Monsoon event in my hometown and the event took out my electronics for a period. Good news is I have been considering updating for over 12 months and was forced to do it. Better technology and faster editing. Then I had a few hiccups with photography work, all resolved, and a few projects which have taken my time. They're getting close and I will cover them too. But I did get time to jump back into the musical scene with JC Superstar. Great being around so many talented people and focused on one goal - performance at the highest level. Today I finally kicked off the cast image gallery so lots of images up and thousands more to follow. Amazing the lighting on this show by non other than Jamie Schmidt. North Queensland Performing Arts (NQPA) did a fabulous job in managing and producing. Well done team. So the gallery has the first images: from casting, then in attire and then the show. Don't get bored looking at them all, just take your time and if you can post some comments on the FB page. Was a terrific project to be involved with, and look forward to the next one whatever that may be.

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