80s fashion

Photographers - Location meet

25 July 2017

Marion Heath of Marion Heath Photography jumped at the opportunity to shoot the "80's" on location way back when I first had the idea and shared it with her and Kyle Barney Photography on two other collaborations. Marion has been dying to see where and what is on offer given the picture I painted in her mind with words. We met on Monday and her words:................"Oh wow, wow, I love it.......wow". Now if that's her expression then I am sure the rest of the team will be over the moon too. I mentioned to Marion, "this is how I see it", walking her through the premises, from model/MUA initial meeting for WHS and then onto who, what where and when. From individual model photographs, to staged, relaxed, mood and also covering off the scenes on the brief I had verbally expressed at the outset. Marion a true creative, found many other options just from the props which are on offer. Even the stairs/chandeliers were on her radar. Sadly Kyle Barney is unable to be part of this collaboration (the three of us work so well together) but he is on his new journey overseas to Japan and of course checking in with family is a must prior to leaving. He departs on the 11th, the day before - imagine how he feels. All the best Kyle, and I will keep my promise of sending you images to keep your editing skills evolving. That being said we are only a few weeks away from the actual shoot. There will be a check in with make up the week before to ensure we are all on track, together with lighting and video. Excitement is building.

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